Stewardship Sunday


List of OLS Ministries

“Ministry is not merely a thing you do… not a position to be achieved… not a power to be possessed… and it is never for its own sake. Instead, ministry is a lifestyle born of the Baptism that is so in touch with the Spirit that it rises out of the community to serve.”

E. Foley, ’Profiles in Courage’ – Modern Liturgy. 4:28-29, 1977

Ministry is a way to live each moment of our lives in celebration of God’s unconditional love and commitment to us. It is the smile we share with a stranger or with one another in our own community; it is caring for a neighbour’s child in moments of family illness and grief; it is journeying with a person in their bereavement; it is searching for moments throughout each day when we can show one another the face of God. Each moment is unique and each moment is irretrievable. Living God’s word becomes a way of life for us.

This task belongs to every believer and every follower of Christ. It cannot be assigned only to a few.

It is about relationship – with our God, with ourselves, and with each other. It is about changing and transforming society – and believing that we can do it. Social ministry is very action-oriented; we are called to live our faith, to put our faith into action; we are called to DO justice, not just to use the words.

Ministry is an invitation to put one’s faith into action, to continue the mission of Jesus. It is a call to share one’s giftedness in some kind of service. To minister means to serve, to care, to comfort, to contribute and to utilize our individual gifts within the community. We are all called to continue the redemptive work of Jesus.