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Sacrament of Marriage

Preparing for your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It involves an incredible amount of care and planning by a great many people.

For Roman Catholic Christians, marriage is first of all a celebration of the love of God – the love that is manifested to the Church through the self-giving and committed lives of married couples. Marriage is first of all a religious event, modeling and celebrating the love of Christ for his Church. It is that religious context that is the primary concern of the parish and of those who minister in the parish on your wedding day.

Your wedding is a day of celebration for the entire parish community.

A couple wishing to marry should contact the parish office one year prior to the anticipated date of the wedding. This provides adequate time to meet the extensive requirements set out in the booklet "Guidelines for the Celebration of Marriage", available from the parish office. Couples are required to engage in a marriage preparation process provided or arranged by the parish. Such preparation allows the couple to come to a deeper knowledge of each other and of the sacrament they will receive, including the reasons for its indissolubility. Marriage of couples who are under age or when there has been any previous marriage involve special considerations. These must be addressed prior to the consideration of any date.