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Religious Education Teachers

Our ministry provides religious education for Catholic students, grades 1-7 inclusive, who are not attending a Catholic school.  Our program is run exclusively through the dedication of volunteers who include but are not limited to parents of enrolled students, parish members, high school and university students, student teachers and other community members. Classes are being run Monday evenings from 7:00pm-7:40pm. This program follows the religious education curriculum set by the TCDSB.  

We are looking for dynamic parishioners who:

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Are passionate about sharing our faith
  • Are technologically adept and comfortable using the Zoom forum and sharing onscreen media
  • Enjoy working collaboratively
  • Have a creative streak
  • Previous teaching experience is an asset but not a requirement

Time Commitment:

  • 13-14 hours in class time from Sept - May   
  • 1 hour initial team meeting    
  • Lesson preparation
    • All teachers are provided with a grade appropriate textbook.
    • Training/workshops are available through the Archdiocese if required.
    • Specific teaching manuals may be provided if required.  

 A minimum of two principal teachers are assigned to every class.  Teachers schedule how and which classes they will teach.  Whenever possible, experienced teachers are partnered with teachers new to the program.                      

Onboarding Process:

We are required to follow the Archdiocesan volunteer screening protocols found here

Volunteer screening for Religious Education teachers includes:

  • Completion of Application Package
  • Completion of an In-Person or Telephone Interview
  • Completion of a Reference Check
  • Completion of a Criminal Records Check
  • Completion of an Annual Self-Review and Offence Declaration

If you are interested in sharing our faith as a religious education teacher or if you would like more information about the OLS Religious Education program, email