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Drop-in Bridge takes place every Thursday from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the parish hall meeting room. Everyone is welcome and partners are not required. This is a great community event and people often comment as to how kind and welcoming everyone is; we see this as a testament to our parishioners who genuinely go the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys their experience. Participants who belong to several bridge groups have complimented ours in terms of a kind and caring attitude, telling others how nice it is to play at Our Lady of Sorrows.  This is truly a Christian effort.  

We host a small party just before Christmas and another at the end of June, before we break for the summer. We start up again on the first Thursday after Labour Day. 

Arrangements for play

Each table has four players. A player enters and sits in the first available seat - there are no pre-arranged tables, no favoritism, no cliques. Sometimes we have an odd number and we see to it that everyone gets to play (usually by pulling a dummy from another table or by playing "cut and go" whereby one person sits out one hand only). When table #1 is finished their four-game set, they ring a bell and the two winners from each table move to the next table; they will not be partners again that day. The remaining two (losers) change seats so they will not be partners again, ensuring that you meet as many different people as possible during the afternoon. We continue in this fashion until 3:30 p.m. when the play is ended. We remain behind to put everything away and see that the room is tidy. 

Volunteer commitment:

  • All participants are invited to help prepare the room for the play of bridge by ensuring that tablecloths, cards, score cards and candies are on each table.

  • Organizers participate in outreach to our participants and the community at large, inviting anyone interested in a fun-filled afternoon to play.

  • We sometimes purchase get-well cards or sympathy cards on occasions that call for them. These are signed by all present and mailed to the affected party.

  • Participants may be asked to help shop for candies or score cards, sharpen pencils, etc.

  • Participants are asked to help with putting the tables and chairs down and to clean up the room following our bridge game.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact the following: 

Rena Guerard at 416-236-0728, 

Gail Weiler at 416-239-5337,