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Stewardship: A Way of Living

In February 2019, our parish launched The Spirituality of Stewardship initiative to encourage each of us to use our time and talents to offer glory to God, build the Body of Christ and have a renewed "way of living" within our parish community. This initiative included the formation of a Stewardship Committee to work with and support our parish ministries and social groups.

What is Stewardship

Stewardship is defined as the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God's gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbour. All that we are, all that we have and all that will be, is a gift from God. All that we are, all that we have and all that will be, is a gift from God.

Stewardship and the Sacrament of Baptism

When we are baptized we are given a mission and a ministry from God. The mission is the same for all of us –   To Make God More Present In Our World. The ministry is different for everyone, as it depends on the gifts and talents each of us receives.  Stewardship helps us discover the various forms of ministry to enrich our lives.

Gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure

Stewardship is sharing the gifts of time, talent and treasure.  We are all called to share the three T's as good stewards.  We can ask ourselves: what percentage of time, talent and treasure do we give to others? This is our opportunity to re-imagine and re-focus our way of living.  Stewardship invites us to recognize our individual talents: the things we naturally do well and to offer them to our community. 

Four Principles of Stewardship 

Receive God's gifts gratefully. Our life is a gift from God. Our families, our faith, our friends, our work and the earth that sustains us are all gifts from God.

Develop them responsibly. Everything we have is a gift from God but what good is a gift if it is unopened. We are called to develop the gifts that God gives us.

Share them lovingly in justice. When we were little our parents taught us that we need to share what we have. Stewardship teaches us the same thing. 

Make a return with increase to the Lord. Our ministry flows from the gifts we are given and the roles we have in life. A good steward strives to discover the various forms of ministry to which God is calling them.

What does Stewardship mean to each of us?

We are all stewards entrusted with an opportunity to act on our baptism.  Each of us should ask: what is God calling me to do?  Let us be reminded of how God invites us to be stewards of our faith: to appreciate all the gifts that he has entrusted to us, to nurture them and to express gratitude for these gifts by giving in return  - the heartfelt sharing of time, talent and treasures in our personal lives, our parish and the community at large.

Stewardship in Action

OLS is blessed with many wonderful ministries and dedicated stewards.  We have a dedicated Stewardship Committee available to assist our ministries and parishioners. If you have a specific ministry of interest please visit the ministry page and contact the Ministry Lead.  Otherwise, to learn more about how you can use your particular gifts within our parish community please feel free to contact any of the following Stewardship Committee members:

  • Susan Bardwell;

  • Martin Riley;

  • Cathy Temple;

  • Nikki Zamparo;

  • Karen Zimmer;

We look forward to helping you discover ways to fulfill your baptismal mission. Let’s come together as a faith community to build upon this foundation and activate our baptism with a new way of living!