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Liturgy of the Word with Children

"In the sacred books, the Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children and talks with them." 

~ Dei Verbum, 21

The Liturgy of the Word with Children is a beloved ministry at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish. Initially started in 2014, the LOWC has provided the children of our parish, aged 4-10, an opportunity to meet and celebrate God's Word in an age appropriate way. The Holy Scripture is presented to the children on Sundays at the 9:30 a.m. Mass through carefully adapted Scripture texts, music, prayer, and activities. By tailoring the liturgy to the children's level of understanding we are encouraging them to meaningfully participate in the liturgy and gain a deeper understanding of and connection to God.

We provide a place where we can worship and celebrate the children's faith joyfully and with relevance to their own lives. The children are gathered from the general assembly and brought to the church hall where we have created an environment for Prayer and Worship. We celebrate the same Liturgy of the Word as the adults attending Mass but we do so with sensitively adapted readings that encourage greater understanding and participation. The LOW with Children is an invaluable way to teach reverence for Scripture and all of the appropriate gestures and actions associated with Mass. The leaders of the Liturgy prepare for their ministry by reflecting on the Sunday readings, planning their reflection with the children, determining the songs to be sung, and preparing the environment to match the liturgical season.

The LOW with Children sets out to provide a sense of community for our youngest members. We are hopeful that this sense of belonging will gradually lead them to a full and active participation in Sunday Liturgy as adults.

Volunteer Commitment:

  • email request is sent by the director asking for any UNAVAILABLE dates for the next month

  • leaders respond to the email and the director creates a schedule and emails it out

  • leaders commit to leading the LOW with Children at least one time per month on the day(s) they are available

  • 2 leaders are assigned to each Sunday for support

  • leaders must be familiar with the readings for their Sunday and come prepared to help bring the liturgy to life for the children

  • the director provides leaders with an outline and possible liturgy they may want to use for their assigned Sunday

  • leaders meet at 9:00 a.m. in the meeting room on the day they are leading to discuss the liturgy with their partner

  • leaders gather the children at the front of the church to bring  them downstairs to the meeting room

  • leaders send the children back to their parents at the collection just before the gifts are brought to the Altar

Please note that all those involved in parish ministries and groups must participate in volunteer screening, and some positions will require police checks.

For more information on volunteer screening visit

If you are interested in joining the Liturgy of the Word with Children please contact Jennifer Wolfs at