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"The Lord has given me a well-trained tongue,  that I may speak to the weary a word that will rouse them." 

 ~ Isaiah 50.4     

The ministry of Lector is rooted in the power of the Word of God. Prayerful proclamation of Scripture makes the presence of God alive in our midst, stirs hearts, challenges, comforts, and moves the community to work for the Kingdom of God. Those who serve as lectors agree to make the Word of God an integral part of their lives by entering into regular study and prayer of Scripture.

The lector does what any good minister does: comforts us in our suffering, rouses us from our lethargy, confirms us in our faith, and encourages us in our discouragement. All ministry is a noble and unselfish impulse to tell the good news of God's love for the world in Jesus Christ... "When the scriptures are read in the church, it is Christ himself who speaks." So says the church in teaching us about liturgical prayer. All Christians are, by definition, proclaimers of the good news.

Lectors are fully initiated (confirmed), practicing Catholics whose lives witness to the Word which they proclaim; with a love for the Scriptures and a love for those who will be listening to that Word. In order that the service of the Word might be effective, lectors are expected to be prepared for their ministry. 

Preparation should be spiritual, scriptural and practical.

  • Spiritual preparation involves prayer of the text and reflection on its message.

  • Scriptural preparation involves understanding the text and interpreting it sufficiently so as to evoke a response from the assembly.

  • Practical preparation involves mastering difficult words, learning correct pronunciations and practicing the delivery of the text aloud, ideally in the presence of someone who is able to critique the delivery.

Volunteer Commitment:

  • Lectors proclaim God's word at our Sunday and/or weekday liturgies and be asked to lead the assembly in the General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful) and/or read parish announcements.

  • Lectors usually read once or twice per month depending upon the availability of lectors at the Mass they usually attend.

  • Lectors are scheduled based on their Mass attendance preferences and availability. Both weekday and weekend assignments are available. If a lector is unable to meet their scheduled commitment, they are asked to arrange a substitute from the schedule of lectors at their Mass.

  • Training is provided. There is an initial training session held in the church and depending upon the ability of the individual, might last 1-2 hours. During this time, suggestions are offered concerning delivery style, cues to watch for and microphone positioning. Tips are also shared, with an eye towards making the experience of being in this ministry one of fulfilment and reward for both the lector and the assembly.

Please note that all those involved in parish ministries and groups must participate in volunteer screening, and some positions will require police checks.

For more information on volunteer screening visit

If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact Cora Dusk at