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Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

"This wonderful gift of the Eucharist, which is the greatest gift of all, demands that such an important mystery should be increasingly better known and its saving power more fully shared" ~  Immensae caritatis

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion serve the Eucharistic life of the community by assisting the ordinary ministers of the Eucharist during the Rite of Communion. Ordinary (which in this case simply means "ordained") ministers of Holy Communion are bishops, priests, and deacons. Some extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion also assist in bringing Eucharist to home-bound parishioners. Eucharistic Ministers have the privilege and opportunity to make the moment of communion as personal as possible.

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion must:

  • Be a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church in full communion with the Church.

  • Have attained the age of 16 years and been duly prepared for this role.

  • Be recognized within the parish community as a person of good reputation and love for the Eucharist.

  • Participate fully as a member of the liturgical assembly.

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion must possess the following personal traits and qualities:

  • Desires to serve the community and to commit time and talents to this ministry.

  • Exercises the ministry in a manner which fosters to the prayer and participation of the assembly and ensures the smooth celebration of the Rite of Communion.

  • Is committed to prayer, gospel values and growth in personal holiness.

  • Is at ease with one-to-one social encounters and can look people in the eye.

  • Understands the sacred nature of the Eucharistic encounter, giving this moment the time and presence it deserves.

  • Is willing to develop skills of gracious movement and a consciousness of body language.

  • Is enthusiastic and has good relational skills.

Volunteer Commitment:

  • Training is provided which reflects on the mystery of the Eucharist, theology of Liturgy, and the specific duties of this ministry.

  • Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are scheduled based on their Mass time preferences, serving at weekday and/or weekend liturgies and special liturgical events. Individuals promise to be faithful to the schedule created by the Ministry Coordinator and to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled liturgy to sign in so the sacristan has confirmation that everyone is present for the liturgy.

  • Individuals are responsible for finding a replacement in the event of short notice cancellation.

  • Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are scheduled once or twice per month depending upon the availability of ministers at their preferred Mass.

Please note that all those involved in parish ministries and groups must participate in volunteer screening, and some positions will require police checks.

For more information on volunteer screening visit

If you are interested in serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion contact Lisa Tjan at