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Altar Society

“How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!”  ~ Psalm 84:2 

This is perhaps the longest running ministry in the church; most of our mothers and grandmothers have spent years caring for the needs of the church. It is both an honour and a privilege to ready the church for the priest to celebrate the Mass.

The Altar Society is a service-centered group, working quietly and behind-the-scenes, overseeing the reverent care of the altars, sanctuary and sacristy. Making sure that these sacred spaces are maintained with the greatest possible dignity, honour and respect.   

Volunteer Commitment:

  • Responsibilities include polishing of the brass candles (a few at a time), a wet wipe of the side altars, washing of the sacred vessels and holy water dishes and a light dusting of the Stations of the Cross and the woodwork.

  • Laundering of Purificators and small linens used at Mass.

  • We have teams of three or four women that meet after the 9 a.m. Mass on Thursdays. It takes about one hour each Thursday if we have a full complement of volunteers.

  • Teams attend for two weeks in a row and then not again for three months. 

  • A group of women oversees laundering small linens each week for a period of one month and with current numbers we do this twice a year.  

Please note that all those involved in parish ministries and groups must participate in volunteer screening, and some positions will require police checks.

For more information on volunteer screening visit

We look forward to growing our ministry. If you are interested in joining the Altar Society, contact Ronayne O’Connor, Text/Phone 647-460-8212 or email