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Join our Team!

At OLS we believe that hospitality is at the forefront of our Catholic faith and we are lucky to have dedicated ministers to assist with this role. These ministers are the first faces seen as we welcome parishioners and visitors to our church.  They help keep us all feeling safe and supported.

We are looking for parishioners who:

  • Enjoy interacting with the public and offering assistance
  • Are familiar with the flow of Mass 
  • Are comfortable communicating with the other ministries during their shift (musicians, lectors, etc...)
  • Can keep a watchful eye for parishioners requiring assistance
  • Are comfortable adapting to last minute changes
  • Enjoy being a part of a team but can also work independently
  • Can arrive 20 mins before the start of Mass and stay for 10 minutes after Mass

Opportunities to join this ministry are available for both weekday and weekend Masses. We invite interested parishioners to e-mail us to let us know:

  • A bit about themselves
  • What excites them about this new ministry
  • Why they would be a good fit for it
  • Any questions they might have.

Onboarding Process:

  • Interviews will take place for interested parishioners and provide a more in-depth overview of the role.
  • We are required to follow the Archdiocesan volunteer screening protocols found here
  • Parishioners joining the ministry will be provided with an orientation and an opportunty to observe the role.
  • Once both the parishioner and team are comfortable they can start being added to schedule for Masses.