Image of OLS Livestream Production

Livestream Ministry Volunteers Needed!

We are very excited to launch this new ministry, harnessing a  parishioner skillset (a love and flair for technology) that was previously underutilized. Throughout the pandemic we have had a loyal, but small, team of parishioners generously donating their time to ensure we all can participate in the Mass, when we cannot physically come together. We are looking to build this ministry and add to the team to help share the workload.

We are looking for parishioners who:

  • Are comfortable with technology
  • Are familiar with the flow of mass 
  • Are comfortable communicating with the other ministries during their shift (musicians, lectors, ushers etc...)
  • Can commit to running the livestream at least two Masses a month
  • Are comfortable adapting to last minute changes
  • Enjoy being a part of a team but can also work independently
  • Can arrive 45 mins before the start of Mass and stay for 10 minutes after Mass

Opportunities are available for both weekday and weekend Masses. We invite interested parishioners to e-mail us to let us know:

  • A bit about themselves
  • What excites them about this new ministry
  • Why they would be a good fit for it
  • Any questions they might have.

Onboarding Process:

  • Fr. Chris and the Livestream team will interview interested parishioners and provide a more in-depth overview of the role.
  • We are required to follow the Archdiocesan volunteer screening protocols found here
  • Parishioners joining the ministry will spend time shadowing a team member to learn how to operate the equipment and get familliar with the process.
  • Once both the parishioner and team are comfortable they will start running the livestream for their own Masses.