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Sanctuary Floor Reno


We are happy to update that floor will be completely laid by the first Sunday of Advent. After that is completed the floor will need to be sealed, polished and the construction site dismantled, and the area cleaned. We on track for this all to be completed by the fourth Sunday in Advent, just in time for Christmas! We will keep you updated as the renovation wraps up. 

Materials Update:

Nov 15th -This week the large medallion that will surround the altar is onsite and we look forward to seeing it installed.Nov 14th Sanctuary Floor Update.JPG

Oct 18th - The design elements for the side altars are now on-site. We hope to be able to approve the marble choices that will be placed under the altar, in the coming days. Once approved, the marble will all be brought on-site, and work will begin to lay the entire floor. We are excited to have approved the design elements for the new ambo and be able to share a sneak peak at the images here. There will be five panels on the ambo, and each will have an image: Matthew (Man), Mark (Lion), Luke (Bull), John (Eagle), Holy Book (Alpha & Omega).


We thank those parishioners who have, to date, generously pledged approximately $358,000 towards this renovation project. The pandemic has changed the income of many parishioners and has caused some extra costs for the project. We currently have a shortfall of approximately $180,000 for full coverage of the project. If any parishioners are in a position to be able to support this renovation project, your donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations may be sent/dropped off at the parish office or you can contact to discuss alternatives.